About Us

Hi! This is Michael and Susanne ! We both grew up in Germany , but chose the US to be our home. By now we have been staying  more then  half of our life’s in the US , mostly  in California.

A Bio would be too long, so in short ….

Michael : Explorer , Garage tinkerer ,  Software Developer and Business Analyst ,Local foods enthusiast, Creative (another word for messy according to his wife),




Susanne : Registered  Nurse, Farmer and gardener , organized  , taking care of things, ,Super Mom, knows what people need






As part of our ever tinier home adventure , we sold our big house in the bay area  a few years back  and live now in a small flat in Nevada City cohousing.  We did like the freedom and clarity that came with getting rid of stuff , in body , soul and in the actual environment.  So off to  smaller  and smaller spaces ……