Current Location

May/June 2022  off to the Suntrip California . From Palo Alto almost 500 mile loop with our solar bikes in 5 days .

January – March 2022  In Baja California escaping the winter . Waves , whales and wind and a lot of beautiful beaches to put up camp and meet our fellow travelers.

2020 July  back home after our 1 year south america trip. Retrieved  our camper from port in Houston , Texas after sitting in Zarate , Argentina with the key on the seat for 3 month and arriving home  with Esmeralda exactly a year after we left  . The new mapping solution FindPenguins worked out fine so far , it automatically tracks our path and friends are not forced to log in and create an account to see our progress.

2018 At home in Nevada City …. studying better mapping solutions for our upcoming trip to South America.

North Guatemala

Sinaloa,Nayirat and Jalisco

South Baha

Central baja
Central Baja